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Center of Excellence for Renewable Energy Research.


We explore, discover, and deploy advanced scientific ideas that serve an ever-growing
need for high-performance, low-cost solution for future!

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Jiu Wang, Heng Zhao, Peng Liu, Nael Yasri, Na Zhong, Md Golam Kibria, Jinguang Hu,

“Selective superoxide radical generation for glucose photoreforming into arabinose”,

Journal of Energy Chemistry, August 2022, 

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Dr. Kibria is always looking for talented and highly motivated people to join his research group. Even if no specific positions are advertised, you can email him your CV and a brief statement of interest. Candidates with prior experience on this area will be given priority.


Our researh group consists of 15 HQPs, including Research Associates, Post-doctoral fellows, PhD. and MSc. students, as well as visiting fellows, with diverse background and expertise in chemical engineering, physical chemistry, materials science and engineering from academia and industry. With the help of Govt and Industrial support, we work hand in hand to develop science and technology for a sustainable and better world.

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