New catalyst upgrades greenhouse gas into renewable hydrocarbons

A new technology from the University of Toronto Engineering is taking a substantial step towards enabling manufacturers to create plastics out of two key ingredients: sunshine and pollution. Today, non-renewable fossil fuels not only provide the raw material from which plastics are made, they are also the fuel burned to power the manufacturing process, producing climate-warming carbon dioxide (CO2) — the International Energy Agency estimates the production of the main precursors for plastics is responsible for 1.4% of global CO2 emissions. A team led by Professor Ted Sargent (ECE) is turning this process on its head. They envision capturing CO2 produced

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CERT team advances to finals of Carbon XPRIZE

The University of Toronto Engineering-led team working to capture greenhouse gas and recycle it into useful chemicals has advanced to the finals of the international NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE. The competition presents this challenge: capture carbon emissions from power plants and efficiently convert them into valuable chemical products. Finalists were revealed at Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Future of Energy Summit in New York City. CERT, a team of two dozen multidisciplinary researchers working with Professors Ted Sargent (ECE) and David Sinton (MIE), is one of just five teams around the world to make it into the third and final round

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